Friday, June 10, 2011

What is best for me?

With all of the products they have out there I am getting a bit confused with what is best for me. I have been walking and I have to say that I really really enjoy it.  I like the scenery... I like the peace I find with God while walking.  I am given the opportunity to just be alone with my thoughts and I have the chance to reflect on things past, present, and future. I am given the chance to watch people and to just be a part of the world behind the scenes.  I have been swimming and even going to the gym.

I like that I can spend time with some good friends and have good conversation and the fact that we can give some encouragement to one another.  I now know that I truly have lots of support even if I may not take advantage of it all the time, ( sorry guys ) but I thank you for your love and support!

Now back to the issue at hand, I have been doing some serious thinking about Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutri System, the Lap Band, and the G.B. With all of these options how does anyone know which one to choose? If one should choose to do any of these at all.  What makes someone a candidate for any of these more than say someone else? It's very difficult to try and figure it out.  At least for me anyway, I can  remember how we used to be when we were young.  I was very fit, I was very thin for most of my life and was never worried about my weight.

I can remember when they didn't have all of these programs or the reality shows that follow you or force you to only think about your weight..  I can remember when we used to enjoy being outside going hiking, walking, skating, riding a bike or just being out doing something that required some sort of motion.  Isn't it funny how when you get older, get married ( or have a partner) then start your family how all of these life changes impact your weight?  Not just the women either.  Why can't we go back to the time of  June Cleaver?  I don't think June ever worried about her weight.  =(  Well  all of that is just something that I was thinking about when out for one of my walks.  Something for you to think about and I will let you know should I decide to do one of the a fore mentioned things.  For now ... I think I will just stick with what I have been doing. Less stressful and all.

Glad to share and thanks for listening,  and may you find some time to do something for yourself today! =)

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