Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 1 - Finding the Real Me

Today I neglected to bring anything for breakfast... so I had a can of  tamales that were stashed away in my overhead bin at my desk, (not sure when or how long they had been there for, wow that can't be good)  and to wash them down I did have a nice sized glass of Honey Lemon Ginseng green tea without sugar.  I figure that's kinda like having 6 Big Mac's and then washing it down with a Diet Coke so I should be good there.

I hope that the tamale breakfast doesn't throw the day completely off.  On a good note... After I finished last nights posting I did break out one of the Yoga tapes that was given to me by yep you guessed it RIGHT, my loving mother.  I had myself a 10 minute workout session.  Yes 10 whole minutes.  I figured that is obviously something I can do. Especially since I waste about 10 minutes sitting down anyway.  I have to admit Yoga isn't as easy as it looks, I was surprised at how your body can betray you with even the simplest of poses.

I was thinking to myself who looks good in that downward facing dog pose.  That can't be a flattering look for anyone from behind and certainly not for anyone that is behind you.  Me myself  I was content to remain in Mountain Pose for the duration. lol   However,  I know that Statue Posing isn't the name of the game now is it.  Remember folks, I am a work in progress and I know I have to take baby steps.

Since everyone has to start somewhere, why not start here?

As always thanks for your support. =)

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