Thursday, March 24, 2011

Being Creative without Electricity

I have had to find ways to be more creative about eating without any electricity in the house.  There was a power outage on Monday and it would seem to me that someone played a cruel and horrible joke on me and my son.  All the power came back on in the house accept for in the kitchen. Since the house is older it has some work that needs to be done so I wasn't too surprised that it happened like that.  Granted there wasn't that much going on in the refrigerator nor in the cabinets since I hadn't had a chance to go shopping yet.  So what is a girl to do.  It being so late in the evening when we got home I really didn't feel like going back out into the nasty storm so I wound up making sandwiches.  Keep in mind I am trying to stay away from the breads, pasta's or the other carbs.  I think I am being valid in the decision to have a sandwich this time since I can't cook or make anything else.

I called PG& E to have them come out and check to see what was going on and the service technician said that there was a bad circuit breaker that would need to be repaired.  Okay great I thought to myself its 9:00 at night where the heck is our property management gonna find someone that can help at this hour, not to mention that they would even want to come out in this storm.  Needless to say we resolved that we would just go on to bed thinking that an electrician would be in the plan for Tuesday.

Well Tuesday morning I got on the phone again and requested that they send someone out.  I was told that maybe since it was raining so hard there may not be anyone that would be willing to come out as it would be a safety issue.  What the heck are we gonna do for food?  My son was sure he knew what we would be eating... mommy why don't we go to McDonald's?  Well son,  I told him I really don't think you need to have that so let's just go and get a nice salad and have that.  His reply was,  " What with NO MEAT or BREAD!!!"  My baby loves rice also so he was fit to be tied when he learned that the microwave didn't work.  The stove or oven didn't work either.  What is going on here?  He asked me if we were considered poor now since we had no electricity in the kitchen.  I thought that was super hilarious only to see he was less than pleased with his mom for laughing at what was surely a dire emergency.  He broke the whole thing down for me so that I could understand it.  You know because sometimes parents are so old we forget things.  =)

You see mom,  10 year old boy's need their strength and they need milk for strong bones.  How can you be laughing when my bones are losing their calcium at an alarming rate without receiving my usual daily supply? How long is the refrigerator, stove, & microwave gonna be out for?  I need sustenance mom this is no joking matter.  I could only look at him, still laughing only this time inside so that I would not offend him again. I told him that I would figure something out.

So we had salad for dinner and I was able to take the toaster into the living-room so that he could make some toast to go with it,  since he just needed to have bread and I bought him a small container of milk so that it wouldn't go bad and he could get his daily supply that he was telling me about.  While enjoying our meal I was trying to think of what else we could have until they get the power problem taken care of.  I don't want to buy fast food everyday nor do I want anything to spoil as the fridge has become a mere storage area only without the power.

I am hoping to have the power back on soon!  Pray for us.

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